Exotic Spice Chai

A warm cup of chai made with freshly grated spices and ginger is all we need to cozy us up through the cold winter days.

 spice chai ingredients


  1. Add water into the glass pot of the Qi Aerista Smart Brewer.
  2. Add tea leaves inside tea filters. Then put into the infuser.
  3. Tap ‘Strong' mode (95C/203F, 8 mins) to start brewing.
  4. Grate nutmeg and cinnamon and put all the spices and ginger pieces in a microwave-safe container. Microwave the container at medium-power for 15 seconds.
  5. Fill the container with milk and microwave at medium-power. Pause and stir milk every 15 seconds until steam starts to rise.
  6. Drain out the spice and ginger and pour the warm milk into 2 mugs.
  7. Pour the hot tea over the mugs, ensuring the proportion of milk and tea is 1:1. 

ingredients for spice chai

Directions for making spice chai


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