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Tea Lover Testimonials for Our Brewer

Wow! I love this tea maker. I've tried all sorts of tea and every brew has been delicious. I have arthritis in my hands and this system makes tea making so easy. Well worth the wait and well done.

Andy T., Cambridgeshire, UK

Tea was perfectly brewed, and the perfect temperature. The surplus stayed warm quite awhile and I also did the “warm/reboil” with excellent results. I own a cute gooseneck electric water kettle that I love using, but that will now be for coffee (French press or pour over). This is uniquely perfect at making tea.

Jane M., California, USA

Got my brewer today!!! So exciting! First brew was Moroccan mint...perfect, no bitterness.

Sharon F., Washington USA

It's a triumph! The wait has been well worth it! Bravo!

James S., Singapore

I love this tea maker! 

Jeff F., Saarland, Germany

Yay! I got mine today! Doing the cleaning cycle, and SO EXCITED about the reservation ability!

Beth C., Oregon, USA

I like technology and this is fitting the bill. I like the tea to be made correctly, tastes like it should in the traditional fashion but not made traditionally necessary because I don’t always remember what I am supposed to do. I walk away and forget things. This is perfect. So the app feature I love and I love the price point. And the taste of the tea is great.

Rachel C., Chicago, USA

It has an interesting method of immersing the tea leaves and it's very efficient. I like seeing the color of the tea coming down so you will have an idea of how much it’s steeped.

Sarah Z., Toronto, Canada

I am really in love with your machine because it is easy and it’s small and it makes the tea and extracts a really good flavor.

Sara S., Brooklyn, USA

Last night set the app to brew for a certain time this morning. Woke up a bit earlier so grabbed my phone and pressed start to have the brew immediately instead. First time using this function and found it easy to figure out. Two screen shots of the app brewing process, and photo of what was awaiting me in the kitchen. I love how fast brewing a pot of tea is now.

Ellen W., Washington, USA

Woop, woop! Best cup of tea my husband and I have ever had. Thank you Qi Aerista for all you hard work and can do attitide in making this tea maker a reality.

Jo H., Oregon, USA

I brew it on strong mode. And added hot milk. I got the special tea powder from Malaysia. So it’s actually a kopitiam teh, that’s what we call milk tea in Malaysia. I live in HK. That’s my taste of home every morning.

Maggie L., Hong Kong

Seriously great!

KC K., Singapore

A couple years ago, I saw this cool idea on Kickstarter for a Smart Tea Maker. I am a tea lover at heart & decided to back the project. Today I received the finished product & have run my first brew. This was WELL worth the wait & the investment! The tea is the perfect temp & the app allows me to adjust the strength & temp to my personal preference. No more tea bags for this gal!! The Developers really did a wonderful job on designing a superb product. Qi Aerista rocks!!

Ginger B., Illinois USA

1. All set up, cleaned, and connected to the app! 2. Trying this black tea a friend brought me back from China for it's first brew. 3. Perfection! I didn't even add honey. I think my favorite aspect of the design is that it saves me from walking away, getting distracted, and winding up with half hour steeped tea XD

Jake U., Connecticut, USA

Qi Aerista Smart Brewer - How It Works!

1. Add water

2. Add tea leaves

3. Close lid

4. Select tea type and press 'brew'

5. Let Qi Aerista make a fresh new brew

6. Serve and enjoy

Qi Aerista

Qi Aerista Smart Brewer

Brew With Quality

Borosilicate glass

Cast aluminum handle

Food-grade stainless steel

FDA-approved silicone rubber

Scratch-resistant touch panel

CE-certified in product safety

App Features:

1. Temp. & Time Customization

2. Remote Control

3. Brewing Process Monitoring

4. 24-hr Reservation Timer

5. Scan & Brew integration

6. Boil & Brew / Boil & Cool 

7. Tea Library


Brewer Information

Rated Voltage

2 Versions: 100-120V or 220-240V

Maximum Power



MIN - 1 cup/0.23L/8oz
MAX - 3 cups/0.70L/24oz


1.5 kg/3.3 lbs

Brew Temperature


Brew Time

2-15 minutes


D122 x H241 mm/4.8 x 9.5 in 

App Connection

Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b/g/n)

App Version

Android - 4.0 or above
iOS - iOS 7 or above

Smart Brewer - How To Clean!

1. Wash the infuser thoroughly.

2. Wash the inside of the pot.

3. Squeeze the Spray Cap to drain out any remaining water.

4. Clean the exterior of the Pot using a damp cloth.

qi aerista artisan tea club

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Tea Club - How It Works!

1. Choose either 2 or 3 Teas Club.

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3. Indulge in wholesome single origin tea.

Tea Lover Testimonials for Our Teas

The teas were high quality, and the precise brewing instructions were very helpful in achieving the most flavorful cup.

Penny L., Hillsboro, USA

A totally authentic must have for tea lovers! Qi Aerista offers an amazing, hassle free way to try different teas, directly from the tea plantations! I’ve never had a better tasting cup of tea in my life!

Sam S., Gloucester, UK

I have tired 2 out of the 3 teas you have sent me (so far) and I love them!  This is such a great idea - to introduce people of different teas.  Looking forward to trying my 3rd one.

Byron H., Christchurch, New Zealand

I found this tea experience to be a very pleasant one!

Christine M., Missassauga, Canada

My tea arrived yesterday & I've brewed up my first cup tonight. The taste is amazing! So much bolder in flavor than anything I've purchased here in the United States! And the aroma is delightful! 

Virginia B., Chicago, USA

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Artisan Tea Club

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Artisan Tea Collection

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