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Qi Aerista makes it easy for you to discover, brew, and savor unique & artisan whole leaf Chinese teas and much much more. 

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Artisan Tea Club

Artisan Tea Club

Expert-curated whole leaf teas from China, delivered to your door

Starting at $14.99
Smart Tea Brewer

Smart Tea Brewer

Aromatic, app-enabled tea brewing with our patented infusion process.

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Pick A Plan

Pick A Plan

Select a plan and your teas will be delivered to your mail box.

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Scan Your Tea

Scan Your Tea

Learn more about your tea via QR code scan with our app.

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Brew & Enjoy

Brew & Enjoy

Savor your tea with our expert advice on brewing, tasting notes and flavor profile.

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Qi Aerista Smart Brewer

Aromatic, Automatic, App-Enabled

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Aromatic, Automatic, App-Enabled

Smart Brewer for All Tea types


Add Tea & Water

Add Tea & Water

Add tea into our infuser and water into the glass pot.

Select Program

Select Program

Select your tea type or customize with app to match your taste profile.

Start Brewing

Start Brewing

Enjoy a visual & aromatic brewing experience without all the hassles.

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Tea Lover Testimonials for Our Teas and Brewer

The teas were high quality, and the precise brewing instructions were very helpful in achieving the most flavorful cup.

Penny L., USA

A totally authentic must have for tea lovers! Qi Aerista offers an amazing, hassle free way to try different teas, directly from the tea plantations! I’ve never had a better tasting cup of tea in my life!

Sam S., UK

I am really in love with your machine because it is easy and it’s small and it makes the tea and extracts a really good flavor.

Sara S., USA

It’s Chinese oolong. Hmm. It’s just delicious and it actually tastes like it’s from Taiwan. It has an interesting method of immersing the tea leaves and it's very efficient. I like seeing the color of the tea coming down so you will have an idea of how much it’s steeped.

Sarah Z., Canada

I like technology and this is fitting the bill. I like the tea to be made correctly, tastes like it should in the traditional fashion but not made traditionally necessary because I don’t always remember what I am supposed to do. I walk away and forget things. This is perfect. So the app feature I love and I love the price point. And the taste of the tea is great."

Rachel C., USA

FAQ - Artisan Tea Club

We will ship up to 3 new tea types each month, enough to make 35-40 cups of premium tea.

Our first batch of shipment will take place on November 27, 2017. Shipment subsequent to this will be shipped within 48 hrs after initial order placement. Subsequent monthly deliveries will be sent out one month after the previous shipment. Shipping usually takes 7-14 days depending on destination.

Yes! The teas in our current month's selection will be available for individual order starting the following month.

Please contact us regarding your case and we will send a replacement package after confirmation.

Let us know! Please contact us to discuss with our tea experts on how we can help you to better enjoy the teas. If you are still not satisfied, we will send you an extra bag of tea free in your next month's tea club subscription to help gauge your preferences.

We are sorry to see you go, but you can cancel your subscription anytime. We look forward to welcome you back soon.

FAQ - Smart Brewer

To brew a great cup of tea, just add water to the glass pot, put your tea leaves in the infuser, and select the type of tea and then hit brew. That’s it! But perhaps you would like more control, then the Qi Aerista app allows you to customize brewing settings so that you can find how you like your tea for yourself, and have it just that way every time. -

The basic automatic tea brewing process has 2 steps. The water heating step should take about 2-4 minutes (depending water quantity), and the tea brewing step will take about 2-4 minutes (depending on the tea type).

We advise using clean drinking water that is safe to drink without boiling. The water should also be low in mineral content to minimize scaling.

We will provide the recommended ratios of tea leaves to water for different tea types in the app-based user manual and the tea packages.

All parts in contact with water (e.g. infuser and pot) can be removed and rinsed under the tap. For more thorough stain removal, you may soak the components in coffee pot cleaners and other food-safe cleaning agents such as citric acid.

We recommend using Qi Aerista to make the base tea, then mix with milk and other ingredients in an external container (e.g. cup, jar, shaker). We don't recommend directly adding milk inside Qi Aerista.

We love spices, but we do not recommend putting spices unless you designated Qi Aerista as your spice tea pot. However, we have recipes in the app to show you super easy ways to make spice Chai with Qi Aerista.

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