Exceptional Taste

Patented automatic brewing system brings out the best tea flavor and aroma in each brew

Exceptional tea, brewed to your taste.

Introducing Qi Aerista

Patented Brewing System

Qi Aerista's patented system controls the 4 pillars of tea making: Temperature, Time, Water Flow and Tea Leaf Immersion


One-Tap Brewing

Precise Control

App Connected

Winner of iF Design Award 2019

One of the most important design awards in the world.

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Now Brewing Tea Perfect Across 60+ countries!

Wow! I love this tea maker. I've tried all sorts of tea and every brew has been delicious. I have arthritis in my hands and this system makes tea making so easy. Well worth the wait and well done.

Andy T. - Cambridgeshire, UK

Tea was perfectly brewed, and the perfect temperature. The surplus stayed warm quite awhile and I also did the “warm/reboil” with excellent results. 

Jane M. - California, USA

It's a triumph! The wait has been well worth it! Bravo!.

James S. - Singapore

I brew it on strong mode. And added hot milk. I got the special tea powder from Malaysia. So it’s actually a kopitiam teh, that’s what we call milk tea in Malaysia. I live in HK. That’s my taste of home every morning.

Maggie L. - Hong Kong

1. All set up, cleaned, and connected to the app! 2. Trying this black tea. 3. Perfection! I didn't even add honey. I think my favorite aspect of the design is that it saves me from walking away, getting distracted.

Jake U. - Connecticut, USA

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