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How does Qi Aerista’s brewing mechanism work?

What color option do you offer for Qi Aerista?

What are the preset temperature and time for each tea type?

What voltage and power plugs does it have and use?

Product Usage

How does Qi Aerista work?

How does Qi Aerista notify me when the tea is ready?

It is mentioned that Qi Aerista can essentially brew all types of tea. Exactly what types of tea can Qi Aerista brew?

Can Qi Aerista do cold brew tea?

I drink really strong tea and love to add lots of milk to my tea. Is Qi Aerista for me?

Can I add milk to the Qi Aerista glass pot?

Can we use Qi Aerista just to boil/heat the water?

I heard that Qi Aerista is the first smart tea maker that can make Hong Kong-style milk tea right at home. How does it work?

Can we use tea bags or loose leaf tea with Qi Aerista?

How much tea leaves/water can I add?

What kind of water should I use?

Is Qi Aerista easy to clean?


What kind of features are in the Qi Aerista app?

Do I have to use the app in order to brew tea?

Where can I find the Qi Aerista app?

How can I connect the app to the Smart Brewer through Wi-Fi?


How much does shipping cost?

Where do you ship?

How long does it take to ship?

Are there any expedited shipping options?

Who is responsible for any tax or import duties?

Artisan Teas


Do you sell tea?

Where do you ship?

Do you have a tea subscription program?

What makes Qi Aerista different from the other tea companies?

How can I cancel my tea club subscription?