Assembling Your Qi Aerista Smart Brewer

Dear tea lovers!

This video will show you how to correctly assemble your Qi Aerista Smart Brewer after you thoroughly clean the parts to prepare for the first brew. 


Let's go through the DOs and DON'Ts for assembling:

 1. Ensure the sheath is properly wrapped onto the bottom end of the flow tube.


2. Ensure the spray cap is properly wrapped onto the top end of the flow tube.


3. Properly re-insert the flow tube back into the brewer pot.


4. Gently secure the infuser on the pot. Always ensure the spray cap fits comfortably inside the infuser without deformation.


5. Properly close the lid.

a. Ensure the 2 stripes on the lid align with infuser tab.
b. Place the lid at an angle to fit the lid slot with the infuser tab. Imagine the Pac-Man.
c. Gently press the lid down and ensure it does not pop back up.
d. After closing the lid, we suggest twisting the lid slightly back and forth


Thanks for joining us on tips for correctly assembling the Qi Aerista Smart Brewer! 

- Karen, co-founder of Qi Aerista



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