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Which Tea Is Good for Digestion?

Which Tea Is Good for Digestion?

Now, as for tea that can give the digestive track an assist, we have two amazing teas to choose from. The first is the legendary fermented tea, Shu Pu'er (aka cooked pu'er).

Pu'er Tea

Pu'er has been used in China as a digestive aid and hunger suppressing beverage for centuries. Because pu'er is fermented, the microbes aid the digestive track just like a probiotic. To enjoy pu'er, you can try using the clay Yixing pot. Other types of pots are fine as well, but the Yixing’s clay interior synergizes with pu'er in a really amazing way that releases a plethora of aroma and flavors. Pu'er can be prepared and enjoyed just like any other tea, with the exception that the first steeping of leaves should be dumped out in favor of the second brewing.

Yixing pot

Yixing Pot


Pu'er is a great treat after meals. Meals that are high in fat, grease or calories like fried pork or other meats are ideal to be followed up with pu'er. Pu'er is fermented camellia sinensis, or the tea plant, and so has some caffeine, but not as much as coffee.

Shu Pu'er Vintage 2012, Qi Aerista Teas


Mint Tea

If pu'er is difficult to find, then mint tea can aid in digestion as well. Mint helps speed up and ease digestion and can help to reduce gas and bloating. Mint tea can be prepared very simply, too.

How to Make Mint Tea

For ingredients, only your choice of mint leaves is required. If using fresh mint, try to chop and dice the leaves before adding them to a cup or mug. The leaves can also be added whole.

  1. Bring your water pot to a boil and wait 1-2 minutes for the water to cool off a bit before pouring onto your leaves.
  2. Steep the leaves for 2-5 minutes and either remove carefully with a strainer or keep them in if you’d like to chew on the leaves when you are done!

mint tea

Mint tea is great for before bed. While warm water is better for aiding with digestion, making an iced variant of this drink can be refreshing and soothing.

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