Qi Aerista Smart Tea Brewer Update #28


Here comes our regular project update. Sorry for the delay in publishing due to the Chinese New Year lull in February where all of our partners have gone off for extended leave. 

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Awesome Tea from Qi Aerista!


New Brewer Samples Ready!

Our latest brewer samples have arrived at our office amidst the Chinese New Year festivities, featuring full color finishing. We will run rigorous tests over the next 2 weeks to verify the samples.

Teas, meet your Brewers.
Teas, meet your Brewers.

Brew Tea in a Snap with Qi Aerista

Check out this short clip on how to brew great tea in a snap (viewed at 32x). We will be making more clips over the next few weeks to outline the many features of our brewer. 

Brew Tea in a Snap with Qi Aerista

iOS App Ready for Download (Almost!) 

We have submitted our iOS app for approval. Once we get the nod, we will be ready to open for beta testing to our backer community for our iOS app.

Waiting for the nod from 1 Infinite Loop.
Waiting for the nod from 1 Infinite Loop.



 Here's our scheduled timeline leading to brewer production and shipment.  

- Early Mar - Completion of safety certification at external labs

- Mar - Materials preparation for mass production    

- Early Apr - First pilot production run  

- Late Apr - Mass production and shipment  

Over the next 2 weeks we will see:  

- Continued internal testing for production version brewer samples  

- Completion of safety certification testing at external labs  

- Beta testing for Android and iOS app  

- Work with manufacturing partners to coordinate mass production


Qi Aerista Teas & Smart Brewer: Discover and Infuse the Essence of Tea!  


Rick @ Qi Aerista

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