Connecting to Your Brewer via a Mobile Hotspot

If you have trouble connecting your smart tea brewer with your router, it may be caused by incompatible router settings related to wireless channel setup and security settings.

Here's a workaround solution that may help that involves the use of a 2nd smartphone:

1. Turn off your current Wi-Fi router.
2. Set up a mobile hotspot with your smartphone using the same SSID and password as your Wi-Fi router. We suggest to use an older model android phone or iphone for setting up the hotspot to minimize compatibility issues with latest hardware/software. 
3. Install the Qi Aerista app on your 2nd smartphone/tablet and log in using the same app account email/password.
4. Connect your 2nd smartphone/tablet to the mobile hotspot. 
5. Go through the brewer connection process with the 2nd smartphone/tablet. 
6. Once successful, turn off your hotspot and turn your Wi-Fi router back on. 
7. Unplug and replug the brewer. Turn on your brewer and it should now be able to find and connect to your Wi-Fi router automatically. Please see if your 2nd smartphone/tablet can interact with the brewer (no need to reconnect).
7. Open the app on your 1st smartphone and see if you can see the brewer on the device list (no need to reconnect).
Please give it a try and see if it works for you.
If you have any questions, please shoot us an email at We are always happy to assist you.

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Howard Shaw

It connects, it connects halilulah

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