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Will Tea Stain My Teeth?

Will Tea Stain My Teeth?

Unfortunately, this question is an affirmative. Tea will stain your teeth. The tannins, a chemical compound found in tea and wine is one of the major culprits of teeth staining. As tooth enamel is porous, these pores catch and absorb lots of tannins. An excessive amount of tannins can, well, tan your teeth. Too much tea with not enough brushing can lead to your teeth having a brown coloration, with stronger teas packing even more of a staining punch.

These tannins are a double edged sword because while they stain teeth they are also beneficial to the rest of the body. Tannins contain lots of antioxidants that can help protect our bodies from cell damage. It is such a shame they leave a bad impression on our teeth, however!

In order to enjoy tea to your heart’s content, while also keeping your pearly whites nice and pearly, make sure to brush, floss and visit your dentist regularly. Though, that’s good advice whether you drink lots of tea or not!

For those who want to keep tea as a part of their daily diet, but are concerned about tannins causing staining, perhaps try white tea. White teas have an excellent taste and usually possess less tannin than darker teas like black or pu’erh tea.

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