Replacement Pot

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Replacement pot for the Qi Aerista Smart Brewer


100-120V Version for Models: QASTB18A01B

220-240V Version for Models: QASTB18A02E, QASTB18A02G

Artisan Tea Club - If for any reason you do not like the teas you have received, please contact us at and our tea expert will contact you for any questions about the tea and/ brewing you might have. If after the discussion, you are still not satisfy with the tea, we will be happy to send you an extra bag of tea free along with your next month's Tea Club taking in consideration of your preference.

Smart Tea BrewerIf for any reason you do not like the taste achieved by the smart brewer, please contact us as soon as possible. Our tea experts will guide you step by step to help you better enjoy the teas with your brewer.