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Chinese black tea

Brewing Great Tasting Tea — Part 1

Essential Element #1 — Amount of Tea Leaves

While Qi Aerista can take care of the brewing process for you, the amount of tea leaves that you put in is crucial in making that perfect tasting cup of tea.

When you are getting more experienced in brewing tea, you will eventually find your own formula for water-to-tea ratio. For those of you that are relatively new to tea or to a specific tea type, our recommendation is to start with a ratio of 1 gram of tea (about 0.035 oz) for every 50 ml of water (about 1.7 fl oz). After your first trial of this 1:50 rule, you can work towards your magic ratio.

Therefore, for every 250 ml of water (about 8.5 fl oz), 5 grams of tea (about 0.18 oz) will be needed. So how does that translate into teaspoons given that the shapes and sizes of tea leaves can vary significantly as shown in our table below?

Examples of some black teas

From left to right (A to E): Ceylon fannings, Assam CTC, Lapsang Souchong, Nepal Black, Yunnan Gold

From left to right (A to E): Ceylon fannings, Assam CTC, Lapsang Souchong, Nepal Black, Yunnan Gold

Here’s our starting 1:50 ratio for our samples of black teas above. For finer tea varieties A and B, it takes 1.5 full teaspoons to make up 5 grams. On the other end, the bulkier sample E needs 3 heaping teaspoons to equal the same weight.

Our conclusion is that size does matter as to how many spoonful you will need for your unique type of tea. If you are a serious tea lover like Karen, our tea evaluator on the Qi Aerista team, you might also want to get a gram scale for accurate measurement when needed.

If you have any questions or comments, please drop us a line at support@qi-aerista.com. We look forward to hear from you!

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