Tips on Properly Closing the Lid

Here are some tips on how to properly close to lid of the Qi Aerista Smart Brewer. Properly closing the lid is important because it helps to:

  • Actuate the spray cap to produce the intended water flow effects during brewing
  • Prevent the lid from falling off during pouring

We have made the following short video on how to assemble the brewer correctly to get it ready for brewing. At 0:48 it talks about how to close the lid properly.


Here are more tips on closing the lid:

  1. Ensure the 2 stripes on the lid align with infuser tab.
  2. Place the lid at an angle to fit the lid slot with the infuser tab. Imagine the Pac-Man.
  3. Gently press the lid down and ensure it does not pop back up.
  4. After closing the lid, we suggest twisting the lid slightly back and forth. This would create a better grip of the lid rim with the infuser.

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