How to Pack Your Brewer Without the Original Packaging

If there arises a need for you to pack up your Qi Aerista Smart Tea Brewer for shipment (e.g. moving, sending back for maintenance), we recommend using the original packaging as it is designed to withstand the rumble and tumble in long distance transportation. 

Before you pack, please fully assemble the pot (i.e. place the flow tube, infuser and lid properly inside the pot) before packing.

Then properly pack your pot and base in the original packaging box with the internal foam support as carefully as you can. 






If you don't have the original packaging box and foam support anymore, please properly pack your pot and base as you will be solely responsible for any product damage in transit, especially glass breakage.

Here are our recommendations to minimize the possibility of breakage:

- Please properly pack your pot and base in a fitting and sturdy packaging box of appropriate size. For reference, our original box measures 25x22x20cm (9.8x8.7*7.9in).

- We recommend using a box made of 5-layer corrugated cardboard for added protection.


- Please make sure both the pot and base are wrapped with multiple layers of soft cushioning material (e.g. bubble wrap). Extra protective material is recommended for the pot to prevent glass breakage. 


- Place the pot and base inside the box so that they snuggle inside and do not rock. Fill in the empty space with newspaper if necessary. Loose items and empty space inside the box will increase the chance of glass breakage. 

- The protective material should be thick enough to ensure there is at least 3cm/1.2in of space between the glass and other hard surfaces (e.g. the walls of the box, the base).


- Ensure adequate protective material that is at least 3cm/1.2in goes in between the handle and other surfaces (e.g. the walls of the box, the base). Otherwise an external force exerted on the handle may break the glass.

- Do not fill in the empty space with loose packaging material such as foam peanuts as they do not anchor down the loose items.

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