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Fulfillment Accomplished

Fulfillment Accomplished

Qi Aerista Smart Brewer

Two years ago we embarked on this remarkable journey on Kickstarter and Indiegogo In-Demand to realize our goal to make the process of brewing great tea easy and fun. 

Along the way we have rolled through ups and downs, and overcome challenge after challenge. There were times that it seems this project couldn't move forward anymore. But in the end we managed to pull everything together and pushed ahead with utmost determination.

Then finally at the end of June 2018 we began shipping out our first brewers to waiting fans across 60 countries around the world.

Today is an important day for the Qi Aerista team as it marked the successful fulfillment of the Qi Aerista IoTea Brewer (formerly called the Smart Tea Brewer) to our fans that supported us along this journey.


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