Hunan Golden Tea

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Clean and refreshing aroma with flowery undertone. The flavor is rich and smooth with vegetal and natural floral accents.

A high elevation green tea grown in the mountains of the Baojing County, home to 2 ethnic minorities Tujia and Miao in southern China.

One of the major characteristics comes with the natural floral notes that are rare for green tea. The tea's terroir plays a dominant role in giving this tea a distinctive natural floral aroma. The tea plants are scattered in the mountains. Forest covers about 80% of the area where the tea plants are grown.

More about this Hunan Golden Tea:

  • Tea type: Green
  • Other name: Hunan Huangjin Cha
  • Cultivar: Huangjin Cha
  • Region: Baojing County, Hunan Province, China
  • Plant age: 8 years old
  • Altitude: 800m/2600ft
  • Harvest: Mid-April 2018

“Great mountain brings great tea. This Hunan GoldenTea is a fine example.” Karen, Qi Aerista’s Tea Specialist.

Recommended Manual Brewing Instructions:

  • 2 heaping teaspoons (2.5g/0.1oz) tea leaves
  • 1 cup (230ml/8oz) water
  • 80oC/176oF brewing temperature
  • 3.5 minutes brewing time

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