About Us & Our Teas

Qi Aerista tea is all about our passion for quality whole leaf Chinese artisan teas, and promoting a healthy life for all those who love teas.


Founded by Dr. Rick Ha and Karen Wan, we are a team of tea enthusiasts based in the metropolitan city of Hong Kong. Rick, born and raised in Hong Kong and later moved to Canada, had his first encounter with tea when he was still a child where going to the tea house serving Dim Sum was a weekend ritual for his family. White peony (Bai Mudan) was his dad’s favorite tea and also Rick's preferred choice as well.

Karen, born in Guangzhou, China and later moved to Canada, recalls that the only tea that her dad would drink was Shu Pu’er. Drinking Shu Pu’er for her back then was just like drinking warm water. The tea that really captivated her is Hong Kong-style milk tea that she first tasted in Toronto, brought to the Canadian city by Hong Kong emigrants during the 1990's.

We focused in innovative brewing solutions for the past five years and have sourced and tasted many teas along the way. As tea consumers we feel that buying quality unblended whole-leaf teas are not always easy and could be expensive. Therefore, at the beginning of this year, we have this thought of helping tea lovers around the world to enjoy top quality Chinese teas that are also reasonably priced.

As a certified senior tea evaluator, Karen understands how difficult it is for people to choose quality teas when there are many tea selections out there. Through our experiences in evaluating teas, she became very much appreciative of the beauty from what tea leaves themselves can offer.

Without artificial flavors and additives, one can really feel and appreciate what the nature offers and the hard work tea industry professionals have put in,” Karen noted. Qi Aerista is set to serve the needs of those serious tea drinkers who enjoy the purest flavors of tea.