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EU Organic Dong Ding

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Dong Ding is a famous Taiwan oolong tea with a history of over one hundred years. A delicate mix of roasted fruitiness and floral tones, this beautiful oolong gives a flavor that is bold with notes of cinnamon and ripe peaches.

More about this Dong Ding Oolong:

  • Tea type: Oolong
  • Cultivar: Qingxin 
  • Region: Nantou County, Taiwan
  • Plant age: 10 years old
  • Altitude: 800m/2625ft
  • Harvest: Mid-May 2016

“Dong Ding oolong are those teas that have a distinctive flavor profile. Once you tried it you will remember it for life.” - Karen Wan, Qi Aerista Tea Specialist.

Recommended Brewing Instructions:

  • 1 heaping teaspoon (2.5g/0.1oz) tea leaves
  • 1 cup (230ml/8oz) water
  • 90oC/194obrewing temperature 
  • 3 minutes brewing time