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Wuyi Rougui

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The Tea Story

Wuyi Rougui is a class in the Wuyi Yancha (rock oolong tea) family. To be considered as Wuyi rock oolong, the teas must be grown on Mount Wuyi, located in Fujian Province of southern China. It entered the list of UNESCO Natural and Cultural World Heritage in 1999.  

The landscape of Mount Wuyi is complex and multiform. It has numerous mountains with various peak heights (highest peak at 2,158 meters/7080 feet), dome-shaped cliffs, river valleys, cave systems and rocky regions. In a study conducted in 1942 by Mr. LIN Fuquan, a distinguished Fujian-born Taiwan tea expert, over 830 tea cultivars were found in the rocky region of Huiyuan alone.

Wuyi Rougui and Wuyi Shuixian are currently the most popular amongst the many different types of Wuyi rock oolong. A saying summarizes why: In terms of aroma, nothing beats Rougui. In terms of body of the tea, nothing beats Shuixian.

Tea Information

  • Tea type: Oolong
  • Other name: Wuyi Rougui Yancha
  • Cultivar: Rougui
  • Region: Osmanthus rock region, Mount Wuyi, Fujian, China
  • Plant age: Over 10 years
  • Altitude: 900m/2950ft
  • Harvest: May 2017
  • Aroma: Complex mix of spices, dried fruits
  • Flavor: Rich and flavorful with underlying notes of caramelized sweetness and floral

Underwent 3 separate charcoal-roasting processes, each taking about 8 hours, the robust and piercing aroma of this Wuyi Rougui will be unforgettable.

Recommended Brewing Instructions

  • 5 heaping teaspoon (2.5g/0.1oz) tea leaves
  • 1 cup (230mL/8oz) water
  • 100C/212F brewing temperature: 
  • 3 minutes brewing time

Tea notes - this energized oolong can be re-steeped for about 2 times depending on your taste buds. For each re-steeping, add another 30 seconds to the previous steep time.