Qi Aerista Smart Tea Brewer Update #31


Here comes our latest project update.This update is very important because it will likely be our last update before our first shipment begins in early June. So please take a moment to go through the update to ensure your Qi Aersta(s) is set for shipping. 

First of all, Let's Meet Qi Aerista in action:


Shipping Address & Phone Number Confirmation

If you need to change your address before we ship, please do so before Monday, May 28 as we will lock down the address list in advance of the actual shipment. 

We were informed by our logistics partners that it is mandatory to include your contact number on the shipping label to ensure proper delivery. So please add/update your contact number to your address information that in case you haven't done so already.

For fans who are not sure how to view/update your address/phone number, please refer to the link below: 


Manufacturing Update & Shipment Preparation

We are at the final stages of gathering all the 50+ parts and materials in preparation for mass production. Every incoming part into the factory will undergo different levels of inspection and testing as shown in the below video.


Along the way we have made various modifications as things may work well at the production sample stage, but not so as we enter mass production. One of the changes include beefing up our packaging for added protection during shipment.



Assembly work is now scheduled to start in the last week of May. Due to scheduling shifts and adjustments at our contract manufacturer, our first production run will be split into 2 rounds, first one to be completed in early June and the second one to be completed around mid July.

Shipping for each round will follow right afterwards. Once your brewer ships, you will receive an email confirmation with the corresponding tracking code.  

The majority of our backers will have your brewers shipped after our first production round, while a small minority will need to wait until the second round. We appreciate everyone's patience and support. 


Updated App

Finally, our most updated Qi Aerista app is now on Google Play. 


We have also made updates to our iOS app. You can update your app here:


or by scanning this QR code with your smartphone:


User Guide

For those of you who are interested to preview our brewer user guide, here's the link.



Qi Aerista User Guide


Here's our scheduled timeline leading to brewer production and shipment. 

- Late May: Mass production 

- early June:  Shipment of first production round

- mid July:  Shipment of second production round


Touching Hearts with Every Perfect Brew  


Rick @ Qi Aerista


  • Hans

    I cant wait to get my Qi Aerista… full stop

  • Wendy Fields
    I look forward to receiving my Qiaerista. I know it will be worth the wait.

  • Wendy Fields
    I look forward to receiving my Qiaerista. I know it will be worth the wait.

  • Carsten

    Hi Qi Aerista Team,
    I am happy to see that mass production is now starting. Your information policy has been very professional. I can’t wait fo my first “QI Aerista brewed tea”.

    Go on and great success

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